In the beginning…

In 1994 a group of individuals living in north Oakville approached The Most Reverend Anthony F. Tonnos to request the diocese’s consideration of building a new parish to accommodate the growing needs of Roman Catholics in north Oakville. The request was considered and our parish was formed. Father Charlie Jordan was assigned to lead, minister and work alongside lay individuals to form a parish and transform the dream of a new church into reality. We have relied heavily on Father Charlie Jordan for many things since we began our wonderful parish of Mary Mother of God on August 15, 1996. He has guided us through the journey to formulate our parish ministries. He guided us with his prayers as well as his liturgical and historical insight throughout the church building process.

Building the foundation for our parish Christian community

We officially opened our doors to the Roman Catholics of north Oakville on August 17, 1996. Our first Mass was held in the St. Marguerite d’Youville school gymnasium. Initially, we celebrated two masses, one each Saturday and Sunday to a congregation of over 550 people. Our new parish community had come to life!

Over the course of more than seven years, we built the church. Before the Church building began, we grew as Church. Various parish ministries were founded to support the spiritual needs of the congregation, the operations of our church and build for the future.

St. Vincent de Paul Society Children’s Liturgy
Eucharistic Ministers Altar Servers
Ushers Catholic Women’s League
Ministers of the Word RCIA
Liturgy Committee Youth Group
Prayer Network Music Ministry
Baptismal Preparation Ministry Ministry to Shut-Ins
Finance Council Social Committee

These committees and activities continue to reflect our parish culture that demonstrates a strong commitment to individuals and families in need.

Capital Campaign Committee

With each passing season we continued to find joy in worshipping and growing close as a parish, even as we mopped floors and folded chairs for the 100th time in the gym of St. Marguerite’s school. The time had come to build a permanent home for our parish family. Great strength and numbers were needed to assist the parish in speaking individually to most of our parishioners about building a new church – the people and resources required to make it a reality.

Beginning in August 2001, a Capital Campaign Committee was formed and with the help of over 30 volunteers of all ages over a 3 month period of time, spent their evenings and weekends phoning and visiting parishioners to describe the design of the new church, the financial resources required and the long term plans for the parish. Pledges were made and collected and proved to the Finance Committee, the Diocese of Hamilton, the parish community would indeed be able to support the church financially. With the faith and confidence that others would join when our church was built, we began to start the physical building of our parish Church.

Pledge Redemption Committee

Following the successful conclusion of the capital fund raising campaign, a Pledge Redemption Committee was formed in January 2002. Their primary role was to continue the work of contacting newly registered parishioners with the objective of gathering more pledges to support the building of the new church.

Site Blessing

The blessing of the site ceremony was led by The Most Reverend Bishop A.F. Tonnos on June 23, 2002. Many dignitaries and guests were in attendance. Following the site blessing and ground breaking, a barbecue was held in Postridge Park.

Blessing of Cornerstone

The reality of our church was most clearly evident on the day of the blessing of the cornerstone, August 17, 2003. This was the first time parishioners were invited to take a look at the results of the building committee’s diligence and many dedicated hours of working with consultants, architects, and general contractors. We were awestruck at is magnificence, its simplicity, and its symbolism! We could hardly wait to celebrate the Eucharist in such a wonderful place!

Our Church is born – the Official Opening!

With praise, worship and thanksgiving, we celebrated our first mass at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 31, 2004. For the official Blessing and Dedication of our church on June 13, 2004, The Most Reverend Bishop A.F. Tonnos celebrated the Mass, blessed and dedicated the church. A reception followed, where we shared food, laughter and song at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School. Our parish continues to grow in numbers and is a community where people feel welcomed and accepted. We are truly becoming the People of God and living out the grace of our baptism.

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