Charitable Giving

Offertory Envelopes

If you are a registered parishioner and would like to use weekly offertory envelopes, simply contact the parish office and we will assign a set to you. If you are new to our parish, please register with the parish and indicate at the bottom of the form, if you would like to use envelopes. Registration forms are available  in the Narthex, at the parish office or on the home page of our website: Envelopes will be placed on the table in the Narthex the weekend following your request.

Pre-Authorized Debit

Pre-Authorized Debit (Direct Deposit) is available at Mary Mother of God Parish.  If you wish to participate in PAD, contact the parish for an application form.  On request, a package will be left for you in the “Office” mail slot in our mail room (adjacent to the bulletin board in the Narthex).  Return the signed forms and we will contact you via e-mail when the PAD is set up with your bank account.

Credit/Debit Card Donations via PAYPAL

Mary Mother of God now offers Pay Pal for your on-line donation convenience.  Use your credit or debit card and either make a single donation by choosing a fund and select “Donate” or choose “Subscribe” and set up a specific payment plan to our Sunday Offerings or Building Fund.

Thank you for your continued financial generosity!

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